Compose a 1500 words assignment on benefits of recycling paper.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on benefits of recycling paper. Needs to be plagiarism free! Research shows that newspapers equivalent to 30,000 hectares of trees each year (Earthworks Group, 1990). Students in learning institutions also contribute to the heaps of paper that get into the garbage pits day in day out. This is normally a threat to the environment especially if the papers are left to be blown away by the wind which spreads them all over the land. On the other hand, disposal by burning contributes to the greenhouse gases that end up destroying the important Ozone layer. Destroying paper creates a vacuum that must be filled by manufacturing more paper from trees. This contributes to global warming since the reduction in the number of trees reduces the ability of forests in carbon sequestration as well as their contribution to rainfall.

Paper recycling is significant to the environment in two distinct ways. These include. natural resources conservation and reduction in greenhouse gases. It is also an important way of reducing the wastage of materials that could otherwise be recycled to save money.

Recycling paper saves forests from destruction. This is because the more the papers disposed of, the more the number of trees needed to manufacture more papers. Research has shown that if half of the paper used globally would be recycled, 8 million hectares of trees could be saved ((Earthworks Group, 1990). This is a significant amount of forest land that has the capability of conserving water resources as well as helping to curb soil erosion. Trees play a significant role in water conservation. Forests attract rainfall. After falling in the forest, they further aid in the percolation of water into the groundwater aquifers which release the water progressively into surface water bodies. This ensures the continuity of streams and rivers which are a vital natural resource for human existence. If trees are felled in masses as raw materials for paper manufacturing, percolation of rainwater into the groundwater aquifers will not be achieved hence the eventual drying up of streams, endangering the lives of humans. It is, therefore, necessary to recycle paper in order to&nbsp.conserve water resources.

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Trees assist in reducing soil erosion. Once rain falls, trees aid in controlling the surface movement of the rainwater. This ensures that soil fertility is maintained which is also an essential component for human existence. Recycling of paper ensures that trees are not harvested unnecessarily.

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