Compose a 1500 words assignment on how can maths promote cultural development in primary schools

Cultural development has become a critical part of social development for the UK which is why policy makers nowadays are keen on developing it at the grass root level. In education, this refers to activities, curriculum and teaching practices to mediate cultural conflict at the primary school level such as Key Stage 1 and 2. The central role of education in cultural development, according to Ofsted (2004), is inherently linked with enabling the young people to recognize and explore cultural assumptions, values, and traditions, and embrace culture within contemporary values, attitudes and social perspectives. It emphasizes the “appreciation of inter-dependence of different cultures” and thereby helps in mitigating racism challenges.

Mathematics, a core curriculum subject in primary school, is a logic based subject which manifests in social interactions, structures and relations. According to Lerman (2001), mathematics develops social consciousness. it promotes interpretation of concepts and knowledge, in a constructive manner. Unlike other subjects, mathematics induces empirical practices. Instruction and development starts from the first day of a child’s life, and continues throughout his/her life. Learning situations create practice. From this perspective, cultural tools and meta-cognitive tools jump start development processes. For example mathematics classrooms can be used as the place for introducing values attached to visual structuring (shapes), combining data, and calculating quantity.

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