Compose a 1500 words assignment on william faulkner’s story a rose for emily.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on william faulkner’s story a rose for emily. Needs to be plagiarism free! The story is an excellent example of strong fiction based story telling skills of Faulkner as it took place in his fictional city Jefferson of fictional country Yoknaparawpha (Kerr, p83). The story delicately knits the waves of past and present to form an intricate and attractive tale that basically aims to convey gratitude and empathy to a woman that encountered series of tragedies in her life and acted very strangely towards her life problems (Constance, p848). The story has been told by an unnamed narrator that uncovers the strange incidents of Emily’s life, her relationship with the people around her and the secret that she was hiding from people. The story describes different phases of her life in different parts. Each of the part focuses upon different time frame and different type of circumstances in the life of Emily. The story became very popular among the masses and critics were also inspired from the Faulkner style due to impressive description of several delicate issues and complexities of Emily life in very impressive manner. In the story Faulkner reflects his observations and understanding about abnormal psychology and mysteries solved by the time. He illustrates the relationship between North and South and portrays Emily as tragic heroine. It could be seen as a gothic horror tale or an explanation about strong links between past and present that could influence the behaviours and acts of people in very strange manner (Constance, p848). The intricate phenomenon of link between past and present has been explicitly defined in the story. In face the story is based upon the major theme of depiction of past strongly linked with the present. The dialogue of a major character in the story Gavin Stevens clearly tell about the main message of the story “The past is never dead. It’s not even past”. This idea has been depicted very beautifully and proficiently in the story because it describes the life of Emily spanning around 74 years and different parts of the story take the readers backward and forward while chasing the occurrences in Emily’s life during different phases (Celia, p2) The description of different phases life of Emily linked with each other indicates that the memories pass from one generation to another and influence the present and future of the people by affecting their thinking and behaviours. For instance, when Emily started dating Homer Barron she was actually trying to feel free from the past control of her father and the traditions that always compel her to be a proper lady with values and norms (Clay, p43). The story spans around 74 years during which the readers could experiences the socio-political changes in Post and Pre Civil War era. It also shows the time when American South was on its midpoint and struggling to seek better ways that could honour the goods of past. The Civil was also ended up the greatness of the Old South that is often depicted in many stories written by Faulkner. He writes on the lines that there are some realities and development that people found difficult to accept and “the reality and myth are difficult to separate” (Faulkner, p78). The end of the Old South greatness was not easy to accept for many people who refused to accept the change in their position and conditions and it was really tough for them to realize the their old days were gone and the society was heading towards new era. These people tried to live in the golden memories of their past be cherishing their precious memories and strived to maintain the values and customers of South. Miss Emily was also among the people who were trying to live with the faded customs and rituals of the past.

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