Compose a 2500 words assignment on crime and intelligence.

Compose a 2500 words assignment on crime and intelligence. Needs to be plagiarism free! The paper introduces various existing literature on the relationship between IQ levels and criminal activities. The research leads to the emergence of major themes such as persons with lower functionality intellectual levels face presentation continuously in the social setting. hence, there is a need to provide specialized programs to take care for the requirements of these individuals. The study states the hypothesis of the research process and with respect to the relationship between IQ levels and crime. The hypothesis has further evaluation throughout the paper as it tries to find the factual facts on the relationship between the levels of IQ and crime. The paper discusses the research methodology in details and provides its limitations. The findings of the research have a good representation in the paper and critical analysis is in the research paper. The discussion has to agree or disagree with the research hypothesis. The research paper concludes with a review of the research paper and provides prove of the existence or inexistence of the research hypothesis. This is of accomplishment by providing the necessary fact with reference to the research. The paper is completed with a list o f the literature used during the research process.

Persons whose intelligent quotient is below average have classification among the most vulnerable groups in the society about isolation and the negative attitude in the society. The reasons are accompanying the vulnerability nature of such individuals include social disadvantages due their inability to socialize with other individuals in the society. Vocational challenges and scholarly challenge are part of them. The individuals’ daily activities are highly affected by their failure to execute basic process in the society. They feel rejected and isolated in the society especially during the early growth stages.


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