Create a 1 page page paper that discusses develop a tv-show.

“Entertainment-education is a strategy that has been applied to maximize the reach and effectiveness of messages…” If we talk about the demographic profile of the audience, both the sexes, and both the genders, can see this TV show and benefit from it. The education level must be a graduation, in order to better understand the theme behind the show. There is no limitation of ethnicity or race since everybody is invited to take benefit from this show, without giving regard to ethnic or racial differences. The show will be broadcasted in (type the name of your country here), but slowly it will be promoted to other countries, because for us, all children are the same, and the profit of all children belonging to the whole world, is wanted. However, the teachers and parents must be at the income level where they can afford to get their children to watch the show through DVDs, or by taking them to cinemas. At present, the area of the intended audience’s residence is urban, but it will be carried to suburban and rural levels very soon through the efforts of our team.

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