Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses gap between management theory and practice

The evolution of the concept of management dates back to the early civilization. It is due to the art of effective management that those early civilizations produced marvelous wonders that are admired to date. There are many management theories that explain the different styles of management and their impact on the organization. Mason (2010) supported the argument and stated that there has always been a clash of opinions between the academicians, who develop theories of management, with actual professionals in the organizations. The basic difference has been described by Grayson.

Management Scientists or researchers: develop management theories which guide the managers to become more organized and structured in their policies and procedures. They are expected to utilize scientific methodology, sociology for organizational decisions as well as people management.Managers: manage the operations and employees by their rule of thumb and need of the hour. They feel that standard theories of management cannot be applied to all instances and issues in a professional life. At times, the fast paced nature of modern business does not give leverage for standard policies and procedures to be developed and thus followed in a strict manner.

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