Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses female body obsession through the media.

Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses female body obsession through the media. Irrespective of the actual weight, most of the females are concerned about their body image of being thinner, due to which, they develop a sense of strong body obsession. Emphasizing this phenomenon, researchers have revealed that British females conceive losing their body weight will positively change their lives and help in making it better, alleviating their social status among friends and the society on the whole. Studies have also revealed that while most of the American females conceive that losing their body weight will help them achieve the desired results in life, it can be argued that cultural differences and varying ideologies have negated influence on the impact media has created on females, fuelling their body obsession. As a consequence, maintaining a good body image along with appearing thin and beautiful can be observed as an increasingly prominent trend in almost every culture around the world, especially those wherein media has had a strong penetration and worthiness. The trend of food consumption for females has significantly changed over the past few years, wherein the females have become more conscious about their dietary habits, often, directly indicating their body obsession. This particular trend has allegedly induced eating disorders among females, as the food they consume lack proper nutrition and proteins. On the whole, the trend of food consumption has adversely affected the health of females worldwide, causing the major threat to the long-run social health in the global economy.

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