Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses scheme evaluation & future direction.

Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses scheme evaluation & future direction. The GroupBased scheme was designed to improve on XML labelling by providing a scheme that deals with insertions without the need for re-labeling and without sacrificing the queries’ performance, construction-time and memory usage. The overall rationale for this was that the researcher identified that there were core qualities of the original XML labelling platform that needed to be maintained even after the scheme had been designed. These qualities were deemed necessary because of the advantage they offer to data interchange programming. As mentioned already, some of these qualities were query performance, construction time and memory usage (Fennell, 2013). But to get the real measure of the GroupBased scheme’s performance or merits, it was important to introduce a new variable or parameter with which the comparative measure could take place. This necessitated the introduction of the Dynamic Dewey labelling scheme (DDE) on which the experiments were run to allow comparable evaluation under the same circumstances.

To test the research hypothesis, the scheme was implemented based on defined rules and characteristics (Ch.4). The design and implementation specifications were provided in detail in Chapter 5. As explained in the earlier chapters, the DDE scheme was implemented as it contributed to the formation of the proposed scheme. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme, four main experiments were performed to test whether the scheme fulfilled its intentions. The experimental framework of these experiments and an analysis of their results were discussed in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.

Generally, it is fair to state that the research hypothesis was partly supported by the results. some of the results obtained were fully supportive of the hypothesis. For example, it would be seen that the hypothesis was testing three major outcomes as far as performance is concerned. These were the need for the scheme to facilitate node insertions in an efficient way, the need to offer inexpensive labels, and the need to achieve improved query performance.

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As far as the outcome of facilitating node insertions in dynamic XML data inefficient way, the results of the study as&nbsp.given in chapter 6 and chapter 7 showed that even though different levels of increases in consumption time were identified for the node’s levels of relationship, the GroupBased scheme gave a better performance in determining different relationships in static form as against the DDE scheme.

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