Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses analysis of image world by michael posner.

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses analysis of image world by michael posner. 18 October Article Analysis In his article, Michael Posner has touched upon a vast majority of the ways in which our lives are being influenced by the digital media. From sports, to pornography and video games, Posner has discussed how the digital media is affecting people belonging to all age groups. The influence of digital media on our minds and perception is so overpowering that we tend to prefer seeing things in media than in reality. Likewise, we tend to idealize the fanaticized pictures and videos shown in media because they reflect just the emotions that we want to feel, without any effect of the problems and complications of relationships that complicate such emotions in the real life. Since the advent of the digital media, there has occurred a revolutionary change in our lifestyles from all aspects. Media has changed the way we think about things, the way we socialize, the way we dress and eat, and the way we argue and the topics we argue upon. There is no doubt in the fact that media today is the driver of the contemporary lifestyle.

Michael Posner has put forth a weighty argument in that all aspects that he has discussed in the argument are supported with examples e.g. he has shared his personal experience to emphasize that we prefer watching sports on television than on ground even if we are in the stadium, he has given the statistics of the profits made by the porn industry that are worth more than the combined profitability of many sports, and he has given the examples of Madonna while discussing the music videos and the strategies adopted by the composers to influence the young generation. To validate his argument, Michael Posner has not only identified examples pertaining to every point of discussion, but has added to the argument’s credibility by including quotes of other scholars, educationalists and experts in the article, which convey this feeling that Michael Posner is not the only one who thinks that media and visual image has an overpowering effect on our lives, there are many renowned and famous people who think like him as well. The article sounds even more appealing because Michael Posner has maintained a balanced approach in discussing the effects of media i.e. he has discussed both the positive and negative influences. Among the positive influences discussed, the transition of painters to cinema is a good example whereas the promotion of ugliness through music is an example of the negative influence.

Concluding, Michael Posner’s article provides a comprehensive insight into the effects of media on our psychology and lifestyle in the contemporary age. Michael Posner’s article is explanatory in effect since it explains how media has influenced everybody’s life from a common man to a celebrity, or a painter. However, an in-depth study of his argument reveals the message that we are being overly controlled by media, like it is something too much. I personally think that every era has its own sources of influence and drivers. Likewise, the contemporary age is governed by media. There is no doubt that media is very important in the present age, but accordingly, if we restraint our interaction with media, it would be like drawing back from engaging in and playing a role in the society. Rather than thinking of the influence of media as a negative thing, I think we should use media as a platform to spread our positive views, messages, and opinions. Today, the coverage we have got is like it was never before. One statement tweeted by somebody on the Twitter reaches every corner of the world. This is the real time that we can make a local change as well as a global change because we are interconnected in the global village.

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