Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses cinematography in bollywood and hollywood.

Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses cinematography in bollywood and hollywood. The research is aimed at comparing the cinematography techniques in Bollywood and Hollywood. The research will compare the various shooting methods used in the two film industries, especially in regards to the similarities and differences. This research is aimed at discovering the effect of the cinematography techniques on the final product of the film industry, which in turn provides the justification for the stiff competition in the industries. It is evident that the cinematography techniques used in film production goes a long way in affecting the culture of the final consumer. Quantitative research has indicated that culture in many countries is usually affected by the depictions in the movies, and this qualitative research will emphasize the effect of the cinematography techniques on the movie itself. Research Design As already stated, this research is a quantitative study that aims to compare the cinematography techniques of Bollywood and Hollywood. This comparative study will compare the techniques used by film directors to depict their movies, and thus affect the audience. The qualitative research design methodology that will be used is historical research design. In this process, two historical movies, one each from the Bollywood and Hollywood film production industry will be analyzed. As already stated, the research problem is the difference between the movies produced in Hollywood and those produced in Bollywood. The research will rely on inductive and logical reasoning to determine the differences between the two movie productions. After the identification of the research problem, the next step is the collection and evaluation of primary source data. The source data in this case will be the two movies being analyzed for the differences in cinematography styles. Scope and Sample The scope of research usually identified the areas that the researcher is trying to study and the expected conclusions, analyses and results. In this case, the broad research scope for this study is to find the differences and similarities between the two movie industries mentioned above. This research will focus on the cinematography styles used in the two industries, which will be a representative of the whole industry. As already stated in the research proposal, the research will focus on the following questions that will set out the scope of the paper. 1) What are the preferred shooting methods and techniques in Hollywood? 2) What are the preferred shooting and techniques in the Bollywood film Industry? 3) What are the effects of the shooting techniques and methods on the final products of the Bollywood films and Hollywood films? As already mentioned, the sample that will be used in this research is a cross-section of movies and films from the two movie industries. The movies will each be analyzed in terms of their cinematographic techniques and the effects of the techniques on the final product. Research Instruments Qualitative research based on historical or past events or procedures is usually evaluated differently from other kinds of research. As already stated, the two movies that will be analyzed will be analyzed in terms of their cinematography techniques. This means that the movies will be analyzed using inductive and logical reasoning. Since the research is historical, the two main techniques that will be used are external and internal criticism.

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