Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses against the fast food restaurant in the us.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses against the fast food restaurant in the us. The desire was met by means of fast food outlets that are growing and expanding, day and night. They are nowadays located everywhere. in the places of work, schools and homes (Schlosser and Wilson, 2006). Despite the fact that they wanted convenience that would result in an improved society, the ignorance of the complications that would be brought by fast-food restaurants was not put into consideration since the disadvantages of fast food chains outweighed its expected benefits.

Nonetheless, the advantage and convenience of having less time in the kitchen were felt. While these chains have been of advantage to the people, and the economy at large, good traditions that were valued in the past have been replaced. One of these values includes the sharing of meals with family.

Even though there are numerous advantages linked to fast-food chains, the disadvantages cannot be overlooked. On a social level, fast food chains created a magnificent revolution in the ancient and traditional way in which meal time was understood by most people in the society, making life more flexible because people were given time off their kitchens and given the opportunity to take a bite on the move. When these restaurants started growing bigger and bigger, the advantages could be felt even more especially for those who had the responsibility of preparing meals (Dunn, 2012). This was mostly done by women as the fast-food chains grew before the women liberation movement, in the 1950s.

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Besides meal preparation, women also had to take good care of the children and the home. Concisely, the opportunities provided by the increasing number of these restaurants gave women the freedom to concentrate on other important chores. Debatably, the chance to evade the cooking of a big family meal by simply going out to a fast-food chain had the chance of revolutionizing how the housewives of this time may have their week planned.

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