Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses analysis of counting for nothing: what men value and what women are worth.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses analysis of counting for nothing: what men value and what women are worth. As Waring starts her book, she writes about the patriarchal system existing in the United Nations. She marks the example of the UN because it is the institution which governs all the policies through which the GDP of countries is calculated. She argues that the contributions of women in labor are often ignored while men are considered to be the ones who are educated and better earners. As she says women count for nothing she means that the efforts and contributions of women are ignored and uncounted in the economy of the country. This is not only in the national accounts of the third world countries but also the developed countries.

The main argument presented by Waring is that the National Accounts of countries is gender biased. Waring says that the National Accounts of countries which include some of the most important economic numbers such as GNP, GDP, unemployment rate, Consumer Price Index and others are determined by several surveys and interviews that are taken by the government to support their economic policies and programmes (Waring 57). In such surveys to prepare the national accounts, there are several issues that have been raised. These issues are regarding the productivity and monetary value of work which is carried out. Paid and unpaid work is divided and various types of labor work are considered to be unimportant.

Waring has closely analyzed the current world economic system as portrayed by the UN policies. She finds out that in the current system, the types of labor work which are highly considered as unimportant and most of the unpaid work which has no monetary value to be added in the national accounts is women’s work. This sort of oppression and discrimination is seen in a wide range of productive activities that women do. The value is given to some of these productive activities, but not all of them.&nbsp.

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