Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses behavioral effects on caged and captive animals.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses behavioral effects on caged and captive animals. Retracing their steps back the way they came in (Fox 73). The behaviour is usually caused by boredom, stress and adaptability in the new environment.

Change in behaviour by captured animals can be studied in the following ways. The activities being engulfed by the animal, auto grooming, scent marking, social behaviours including contact, allogrooming and aggression, stereotype locomotion, consumption behaviour, foraging, locomotion, tree gouging and startle. There are three types of behavioural effects that can be studied in three different ways: passive behaviours, stereotype behaviour and loss of weight appetite behaviour.

Studies have suggested that stereotypic behaviour is generally an indication of poor psychological well being of the caged animals according to Fox (2). This behaviour does not only affect the wild but also domesticated animals. Research has been conducted on primate captured animals t determine how this behaviour can be minimized (Cowgill, and Llewellyn 121). Experiments and observations have shown that environmental factors also cause stereotypes in caged animals. Meera Baines (reporter) has claimed that transportation of Nanuk led to its breakage of a jaw that led to an infection that caused its death at sea world facility. They include factors like hose type, cage size and stress. This usually changes their aggression and social interaction for example animals like tigers. Wendy Mesley brings the fact about the death of the beluga whale. For instance, stressed mothers are faced with difficulty in breeding healthy young ones which in some instances pass away like a baby elephant in Calgary zoo.

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Caged wild animals usually portray different signs when they are changed from their natural environment to a new environment like zoos and orphanages. The following are the different types of signs researchers and studies have based on to clarify the effect of caged animals (Suckow, Weisbroth and Craig 321).

The caged animal usually portrays a reduced level of activity in a new environment. It is caused by stress and boredom experienced by this animal in the new environment. Research has indicated that there will be improved in the level of activeness if the animal finds or adapts to the new environment (Cowgill, and Llewellyn 345).

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