Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses case study of tupac sharkur. For example, in Words of Wisdom, Tupac wrote:

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses case study of tupac sharkur. For example, in Words of Wisdom, Tupac wrote:

Tupac also created an effective method of presenting his information not only at a national level but also internationally, namely gangster rap (Lawrence, 2010). Tupac is a socially conscious artist. This is contained in his criticism of racism in America, and his mother’s membership in the Black Panther party. (Sanford, 2011).

Thus, the foundation of the greatness of Tupac was surviving tough conditions to become a self-made public figure. He achieved this by intelligently and comprehensively developing a genre of poetry that he was able to successfully pioneer and commercialize. He created an avenue through which the most fatal and graphic elements of life in the poorest sections of Americas cities could be presented to the rest of the world from a safe distance. Tupac did this by creating a tradition in gangster rap that has continued over the past two decades and that has played a role in exposing some of the inequalities in modern America. This prompted solutions to the numerous problems that genuinely affected minorities in America.

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Tupac was described as a symbol of both “hope and despair” in the African American community. His poetry and rap music were expressions of everything African Americans felt, “confusion, pain”, “nobility and courage, hopelessness and self-destruction,” (Otfnoski, 2003, p. 204). The best example is Tupac’s poem The Rose that Grew From Concrete. The poem is short, but captures both the hope and despair symbolic of his experience as an African American and his hope for the African American community. The Rose that Grew from Concrete reads as follows:

Tupacs relationships with the women in his life were obviously strong, as demonstrated in his song Dear Mama, in which he revealed his appreciation to his mother for her efforts and confirmed that he cherished her in spite of all the limitations and challenges she had been through (Monjauze, Cox, & Robinson, 2008).

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