Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses controversy about the video games.

Championships and contests attract gamers from all around the world. Video games successfully connected with the movie and music industry and so the place of video games in popular culture is very significant. Despite the massive popularity of video games a lot of people think that video games are not just harmful free time activity but a huge social problem that must be dealt with. In the following, composition different aspects of the bad and good sides of video games will be presented and discussed.

The first aspect is the age of gamers. In childhood, a person is more sensitive and receptive because a lot of things in this world seem strange and new for him or her. First of all most of the games need only one player and even when the game can be adapted for two or more partners it doesn’t really change the fact that while playing a game a person is interested only in-game and the outside world does not exist for such a person. We build and maintain our individual experience in our intercommunication with other people. Live face-to-face speaking is the basis of communication between people. Here we smoothly cross to the problem of “escapism”. Addiction to video games as well as a lot of other problems lies in the need of a person to escape from reality and people do it instead of learning how to deal with real life. Escapism is a way in which a person tries to substitute the real world in which this person lives with another world that matches him or her more but which is, unfortunately, unreal and exists only in the imagination of such a person. So by playing a lot of video games a person (a child or teenager most often) estranges from the real world and real liabilities and responsibilities. When such estrangement takes place with time person will with a lot of possibilities starts to behave in an anti-social way and her or his communication skills will stay on a low level (Gee 133). Clearly speaking a person should have activities in which he or she participates alone but these activities must be limited by some time because we live in a world in which it is our duty to communicate and co-work with each other not only for our own sake but for the better of all people.

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