Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses death is more universal than life.

When we consider something, it frequently happens that we can’t give any definition to it, but we always can say what it isn’t. The same happens with the concept of life, as many philosophers have been arguing on the matter of the notion of life and its attributes. however, the only notion that seems to be the most acceptable lies in negation. Thus life is not dead and this is the only definition that everyone would agree with. The problem in defining life lies in the fact that life has multiple implementations and manifestations, so no one can definitely say that life is this or that. Hence, we can’t say that life has obligatory attributes like, for example, motion, because there are things and living creatures in this life that don’t move.

Although life doesn’t have any distinctive absolute attributes, it obligatory has an ending which is death. Unlike life, death has a definite notion, which means the end of life. Even though these ends of lives might happen in different ways, still they all will be the end. Perhaps, the difference between life and death (notwithstanding these two notions are opposite) in fact lies in different levels of consideration. Life is a process of existing. hence, as far as this is a process that contains multiple other processes that are the parts of life, it is impossible to give one definition to the combination of processes called “life”. On the contrary, death is the last destination of life and nothing but this. It is the terminus ed Quem (stop point) of the process of life, which catches up with everyone and everything.

The truth of life is universal and it is in the fact that whatever happens and whoever lives, everything eventually dies. This idea is perfectly described in the book of Ecclesiastes, who claims that he had gone through a lot and had seen many things in his life, however, he realized that although people can live different lives and they indeed can be wise and fools, but all of them die and this is inevitable for everything that exists (The New Jerusalem Bible, Eccles. 2. 15-16).

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