Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses gender in the workplace.

One may argue that these figures are synonymous with technical fields. Activities such as aircraft maintenance, traffic control as well as aeromedicine, and avionics are still quite male-oriented. Women in the UAE have previously dominated service-related jobs such as retail, hospitality, and banking. Regardless, the rate of growth of participation of both males and females is increasing. Women’s percentage growth rates are however much greater than their male counterparts (Malek, 2013).

In the aviation industry, pilots are expected to leave the country in order to conduct training. Several UAE families object to this departure, more so when the concerned individuals are female. This process of seeking permission from one’s kinsmen may be a stumbling block for certain women who need to make work decisions quickly. Men may not suffer from the same stereotype at the workplace (Harrington-Snell, 2013).

Work conditions seem to be designed to accommodate men because female’s needs have not been taken into consideration. Persons who are expecting children are only entitled to 45 days of maternal leave, which is quite inadequate for these individuals. Furthermore, daycare facilities are few and far between in aviation organizations. While the UAE government has stated that it will support the provision of family-friendly workplaces, few organizations in the country are yet to ratify this policy (Swan, 2010).

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During training and preparation for entry into airline careers, men and women alike receive equal support from the government as well as their families. Since this industry is still relatively young, it is prudent to encourage as many people as possible to enter the sector regardless of their gender. Colleges such as the Emirate Aviation College are known for the active support of all their air traffic controllers or pilots in pursuance of their careers whole-heartedly.


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