Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses analysis of fairmont royal york hotel.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses analysis of fairmont royal york hotel. I find the hotel fundamental strategy in six key areas. Firstly, its focus on customers is historic, first, the hotel strives to retain its customers through the provision of a wide range of services. It has WiFi connectivity that ensures that internet services are free for its customers. Secondly, they have an indoor highly hygienic swimming pool, spa services, and gymnastic service as additional services that the customers can access any time (Willie et al., 2013).

Ernst & McBeath (2013)states that the presentation of interior design is one in a million, it has magnificent hand-painted ceilings, ornate furnishing, travertine pillars, and crystal chandeliers on the walls that give a touching experience. Its employees are highly trained and offer timely quality services that ensure customer loyalty is upheld. Besides, the hotel management strives to build competencies of its employees through regular training called Learn process, this program has been instrumental in enhancing quality customer service and ethics among employees. Notably, the hotel management offers negotiation platforms with customers through online marketing and inquiries. Today, it is possible to book an online conference room, trade shows, and convention venues. In recognition of the increased in sales competitiveness, the hotel managers have instituted consumer followup strategies that allow for feedback and recommendation for future better services. It is part of strategic planning that is anchored in continuous quality improvement strategic goals.

It has advanced, site visits tour guides, contract negotiations with customers, and a followup after the client completes staying in the hotel. I note that the hotel employees are fast to handle any disagreement that may arise, they are driven by the desire to keep the visitors excited and interested in their stay (Cain & Bales 2002). In my view, the hotel is doing exemplary good in handling disputes and negotiations. I find their thanksgiving to the guest an interesting strategy that aims at ensuring a positive relationship is maintained. &nbsp.

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