Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses the analysis of the images of jesus christ.

Jesus is described in the Holy Bible as Holy and with such holiness are other important characteristics that are in line with the righteousness God wants to impart to His people.

From the dictionary definition, a shepherd is someone who looks after the herd of sheep by guarding and tending them. A shepherd is someone tasked to lead the herd of sheep in the safest and abundant place. It is necessary for the herd of sheep to be tended in the green pasture with a fresh source of water flowing in abundance. In this way, the herd of sheep will survive and they are given all the essentials they need.

The psalm of David in chapter 23 describes God as shepherd full of righteousness. God is revealed by David as a Good Shepherd, and since Jesus is the Son of God (John 3:16), it is implied that the Son and the Father have the same characteristics and they are working together for one common good and that is the salvation of the humanity from eternal condemnation (Matthew 1: 18-21).

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In John 10:14, Jesus said he is a good shepherd and part of being such is to know his people and his people to him. He sacrificed his life for humanity to bring salvation to all. Jesus has great compassion for the people of God. Such compassion can be clearly defined by the great love Jesus is willing to give for humanity. He gave up his life for humanity and such is the great manifestation of his universal and unconditional love.

The image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd depicts the meaning of a good servant and a leader. Being a good servant or a leader, therefore, requires following Jesus as far as biblical principles are deemed important. In fact, being a Christian means following Jesus whatever the cost may be.

A Christian minister can be considered a shepherd because of the responsibility to care for and guide a group of people in the ministry. Jesus as the Good Shepherd is therefore a remarkable model of every Christian minister who is responsible to lead the beloved people of God.

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