Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses martin luther kings strategy for gaining civil rights.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr created history by supporting the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King used&nbsp.nonviolence as his weapon of protest, and his powerful oratory captured the attention of the Americans. He was successful in convincing many people to join in the movement against civil apartheid. This brought about the demise of segregation (Huang).

He had faced a number of challenges in carrying out his lifelong mission to procure civil justice. His house was bombed by his opponents and he was imprisoned on several occasions. For instance, in 1963, King was arrested and jailed in Birmingham for a week on the charges of having disobeyed a court order that had banned protest marches. He continued his efforts to motivate people to fight against civil injustice after release from jail. In one such demonstration, the racist Police Commissioner Eugene Connor instigated the predominantly, white police force to let loose dogs and to use water cannons against demonstrators. King successfully delivered a speech with his trademark powerful oratory, wherein he called upon the nation to implement equal justice to all the citizens of the US (Huang).

The Constitution of the United States guarantees several rights to individuals, like the freedom of speech and assembly. Martin Luther King’s movement for civil rights during the 1950s and 1960s put those guarantees to the test. Martin Luther King employed nonviolent protests, like marches, sit-ins, and rallies, to achieve social change. His main aim was to bring about equality for all people irrespective of their race. He adopted nonviolence as his strategy and his example has become the standard for a number of movements (Gonzalez).

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The Rosa Parks’ incident took place in the month of December 1955. She was arrested and incarcerated for having refused to give her seat on a bus to a white person. This was in violation of Alabama’s bus segregation legislation.

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