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Write a 2-3 page analysis in which you examine the different categories of employment. Analyze the pros and cons of each type of worker from an employer’s perspective and then describe the ideal proportion of workers for a business type of your choosing. Provide a supporting rationale for your description.
Employment laws are based on the premise of the existence of an employment relationship. Defining whether an employment relationship exists between an employee and employer can be challenging in today’s workplace, because there are so many different forms of employment. Regular, full-time employment used to be the norm. Today, companies hire part-time, temporary, or contract employees; this has impacted the legal rights of the employees performing the work. These alternative work arrangements are often referred to as contingent, or non-standard, work.
It is important for HR practitioners and members of management to understand employment relationships and the classification of employees, because this can have a significant impact on the way an employee is paid. This also affects the application of employment laws.
This assessment delves into the different types of employment relationships that exist today. Classifying an employee’s status can be almost as important as defining the tasks of the job, especially when courts must interpret the law. In this assessment, you will examine the primary types of work agreements—from handshake and contract, to employment-at-will, and temporary employment.
When work needs to be done, hiring the right person is usually foremost on the mind of the employer. How that person is classified once hired, typically, is the responsibility of the HR department. Often that classification may become the single most important factor in resolving workplace disputes. In this assessment, you will explore options for engaging the right people with the best agreement.
The most prevalent understanding between an employer and an employee is set at the point of hire, by an agreement to pay a certain wage for a given piece of work under certain terms and conditions. The earliest agreements were based on a symbolic handshake and the bond between the two parties. That symbolic handshake is the basis of employment contracts today, but the symbols and terms have changed considerably.
For this assessment, write a 2-3 page analysis in which you complete the following:
Describe each category of worker (full- and part-time employees, independent contractors, temporary employees, interns, students, volunteers, and partners).
Include an analysis of the pros and cons of each type of worker, from an employer’s perspective.
Select and describe a type of business. Describe the ideal proportion of workers (full- and part-time employees, independent contractors, temporary employees, interns, students, volunteers, and partners) and include a supporting rationale.

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