globalisation and british politics

I need some assistance with these assignment. globalisation and british politics Thank you in advance for the help! In terms of the political aspect in one country, the idea of globalisation or creation of a world government was first described by Dante Alighieri, an Italian writer in the 14th century, as a centralised global constitution governing laws which promotes international peace and order. Oppositions however argued against international understanding wherein the authority and command of a government within its jurisdiction especially in terms of environment and economics will be influenced by external control (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, 2003). The word globalisation had been used to offer clarification, significance and knowledge about the essential characteristics of new age capitalism (Murphy, 1994). It suggests several discrete processes and developments which involves the international level and joins them into one centrally dominant procedure of change. Substantial interest focuses on the practical application of information technology into the procedure of production with the simultaneous action in the process of changing the administration, system and communications which is at the commercial, communal and state levels. Giddens (1997) cited that effects of globalisation are not exclusively consistent. He argued that the 1997 British general elections which resulted in an overwhelming electoral victory but a surprising downfall in turnout. He credited this as an outcome of decline in belief, trust, and assurance of the people to the elected officials in institutions or government agencies.

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