I Need Help in Explain the future, or ‘TO-BE’, state process and illustrate it with a UML Activity Diagram.2022-06-29 03:22:15

Refer to your text for a sample Swimlane diagram. Business Solution Proposal—taking the ‘AS-IS’ model from section 2, elaborate on how technology will be utilized to streamline or optimize the current process in order to solve the stated business problem. Explain the future, or ‘TO-BE’, state process and illustrate it with a UML Activity Diagram. Be sure to include any key technology in its own Swimlane. Also, elaborate on any new, updated, enhanced IT Infrastructure (hardware, databases, networks, business intelligence, RFID, sensor networks, and/or software) required to support the solution. The line items that come out of this section should be part of the investment cost details in Section 4. Solution Assessment—Leverage the output from the previous three sections and quantify the value of the business solution. Identify and estimate the cost of key technology, training, people, resources required for the business solution, i.e. the investment. Next, identify and estimate the value of the solution in specific financial gains or costs savings, i.e. financial gain. Illustrate the ROI by using IT ROI and Related Financial Metrics (Links to an external site.) and Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator (Links to an external site.). If you aren’t sure about real costs, be sure to mark it as an assumption, i.e. best guess. Project Management—identify potential project management and SDLC (system development life cycle) challenges and elaborate on mitigation strategies for each in order to ensure that the rollout of the business solution goes smoothly. Include a high-level project plan with key activities for each main phase of the project. Citations that document your research are a critical part of this project. Be sure to identify all the references you use. These should be cited in the text as well as the References list. Steps in Completing the Project This project consists of several small steps that move you toward finishing the final project. Look for more information in the module pages described below. In general, the steps of the project will be (there are no submission for the parts of the project, you will time manage them yourself, do not do this until the end, complete each part during each week to be on time): Modules Milestone 3 Complete draft of the Business and Market Overview Section. 4 Complete draft of the Problem Definition Section. 5 Complete draft of the Business Solution Proposal Section. 6 Submit Final version with all sections. Submit a PowerPoint of at least 5 slides in the Canvas Messaging system.

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