I Need Help in How have obesity rates changed over time in Vermont?2022-06-20 18:20:24

This week, we will explore the obesity epidemic. As you probably know, there has been a significant increase in obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in recent years – all of which are related to diet and lifestyle factors. This has an impact on health care costs, physical and emotional health and well being, life expectancy, and taxes. Using your text, the videos, and credible resources (see below), respond to the following questions: 1)How have obesity rates changed over time in Vermont? Make sure you indicate the state and years you are reporting on, and the specific obesity rates from 1990 forward. (A “snapshot” of every 5 years is acceptable – the point is to analyze and report on the trends.) 2)How does obesity affect (address each one): physical health emotional health life expectancy health care costs taxes (for example, Medicaid and Medicare)? Be specific! Include information and data from credible sources (such as those provided below). List and describe five (5) specific resources available in your community for the prevention and/or treatment of obesity. Some good resources to use in responding to these questions are: The Obesity Action Coalition website (Links to an external site.) CDC resources (Links to an external site.) The Rethink Obesity website (Links to an external site.) The Obesity Society website (Links to an external site.) The Trust for America’s Health website (Links to an external site.) Public health resources (Links to an external site.)

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