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Create a recommended media channel mix for the brand you have been working on based on the following parameters: Media objective: Increase awareness of your brand against your target audience in order to grow sales by 2% over 6 months Paid Media Budget $10,000,000 Use the media cost file that I am including in this assignment Campaign Timing July-December 2022 Requirements: Recommendation must include at least 4 paid media channels Budget for each channel Rationale for each channel MRI Supporting numbers The role that each channel will play/how you will utilize the channel Scheduling for each channel Example: Social media will be consistently active throughout the campaign There will be 2 flights of 4 weeks of TV to support the holiday sales period and each flight will have 75 GRPs CTV will run in conjunction with TV schedule to capture the segment of the audience who is not watching Linear TV Paid Search will run throughout the campaign but with higher investment during the TV schedule as we expect searches to increase based on the awareness TV will bring You must detail the level of weight delivered for each media channel: Linear TV – GRPs and Impressions Streaming TV/CTV – Impressions Radio – GRPs and Impressions Streaming Audio – Impressions Digital Display – Impressions Paid Social – Impressions Paid Search – Clicks Newspapers and Magazines – number of pages Out of home – number of units Presentation outline: Overview of Brand Overview of Target Audience Overall channel Mix summary Make it visual – use charts! Spend per channel & % of budget each channel represents Individual slide(s) for each channel that cover: Budget for the channel National or Local support Note – Out of Home and Radio are local Assume all other media is national If buying anything locally, make sure to list markets Rationale Role and Strategy If using broadcast media (TV/Radio) – include Dayparts, suggested programming types/cable networks/radio formats If using Streaming TV/CTV – include types of programming If using Digital Display – include types of websites If using Magazines – include names of magazines If using out of home – include types of placements and markets If using Paid Social – include types targeting parameters If using Paid Search – include types of keywords Scheduling Delivery data as detailed above Plan Summary chart (use PowerPoint chart that is uploaded) Materials provided under separate cover.

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