I Need Help in Write a paper understand various velocity and flow rate measurement techniques and learn their advantages and disadvantages2022-05-16 17:52:45

– Fluid in Rigid-Body Motion – Flow Patterns – Streamlines – Pathlines – Streaklines – Timelines – Fluid Deformation – VORTICITY – Flow over Flat plate – Control Volume (CV) – Conservation of Mass – Mass & Volume Flow Rate – Another way of expressing the law of conservation of mass – Conservation of mass in 3D – Bernoulli′s equation – Derivation of Bernoulli’s equation and its application – Energy Grade and Hydraulic grade line – Limitations of Bernoulli’s equation – Ideal Fluids & Euler′s Equation – Bernoulli′s Equation Application – Hydraulic Grade Line (HGL) & Energy Grade Line(EGL) – General Energy equation for flowing systems and its applications – Forces caused by deflection for steady jets; – Momentum Analysis – Forces on nozzles and pipe sections; – Dimensional Analysis and similarity; – Flow Measurement, Pitot tube, Venturi and Orifice – Laminar Flow in Pipes – Frictional losses – Understand various velocity and flow rate measurement techniques and learn their advantages and disadvantages – Turbulent Flow in Pipe

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