Influencing positive change on a local environmental challenge.

A local middle school science teacher is teaching students how information collected about the health of the environment can be used to positively change human behavior. The class wants to learn about a local environmental challenge and if there are any related local regulations or policies. They also want to know how they, individually, can make a difference. As a member of the community and a person interested in environmental science, you have volunteered to create a video presentation to share with the middle school science students to help. Keep in mind that middle school students are in 6th- to 8th-grade, usually between 11 and 14 years old. Your presentation must be comprehensive and at the appropriate level for your audience to understand.

Create a 3- to 4-minute video about how the students can influence positive change on a local environmental challenge.

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Identify a local environmental challenge. For example, an Arizona town suspended its curbside recycling and all waste is going to the local landfill.

Summarize the local environmental challenge. Support your summary with at least 2 sources from the University Library ,reputable environmental groups, and government websites.

Explain why this challenge is relevant to the middle school class. Remember that while it is important to be honest with children about the realities of the health of the environment, be sure not to scare them. Focus on why it should be important to them, and that they can take action to help.

Identify any local regulations or policies that have been created in response to this challenge. For instance, some state and local governments have banned single-use plastic bags in an effort to reduce plastic waste in landfills and reduce aquatic trash that harms wildlife, rivers, streams, and oceans. Remember, the purpose of this presentation is to help the students think about how they can change their behavior, not to teach them about regulations. Only mention the regulations so that students can understand how society has used regulations to change behavior. Do not spend too much time explaining details of the regulations to the students.

Recommend 3 sustainable actions the middle school students can do in response to this challenge to help.

Explain how each of the 3 recommended sustainable actions are supported by environmental science.

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