is the role of mainstream media limited in a globalized society

I need some assistance with these assignment. is the role of mainstream media limited in a globalized society Thank you in advance for the help! The growth of social media in the past decade has however added another dimension to the normal one-sided media. The power today lands in the hands of people who have become both the architects and focus of media and are redefining globalization.

The key question that this essay, analyses, and addresses, is whether the role of mainstream media, in light of that, has been limiting in today’s globalized world and how the power-shift towards social-media is affecting mainstream media.

Of the three dimensions of globalization: political, economical, and cultural, cultural globalization has been the face of globalization. It is partly because of concerns with economic and political forms of globalization (Robertson and White) and partly because of the active role that media has played in it. The speech of Boris Yelsen on the fall of the Soviet Union, broadcasted by CNN satellite has been identified as the decisive moment of the advent of globalization (Beck). Since then, Media has played an important role in defining, shaping, and amplifying globalization. Marx and Engels contemplated that print media, known as the Fourth Estate, would be an important piece in the establishment of a democratic public body that catalyzes social change (Kellner and Pierce). The rise of global media with cable television, news networks, and privatization of media further brought the world together.

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A number of networks became global in their outreach like CNN, MTV, HBO, ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network, Discovery, Disney, and many of these channels were translated and adopted as per local languages and cultures. Some scholars, however, have criticized this influence, as cultural imperialism as Western culture has been dominant in private media networks (Jan)(Thussu).

Technological advances and social media

The communication ecosystem of the industrial globalized society has been traditionally built on mainstream mass media, principally television, radio, and the print press. These technologies have adopted the mass dissemination of one-way communication from one-to-many. Since the late 90s, the extensive spread and diffusion of the Internet, mobile technologies, digital media, and a diversity of social technology tools throughout the globe has transmuted the one-to-many communication network into interactive horizontal linkages that link the local with the global.

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