Original Assessment Tool

At ABC Early Learning, you are a curriculum specialist who works with all age groups. To support your team, you need to develop and implement an original assessment tool that will provide a better understanding of where their children stand with language or literacy development.


Part1: Choose a focus – language use or literacy skills. In a Word document, develop an original assessment tool which measures and evaluates your chosen focus. The tool should include the following:

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Measurements of the child’s language use or literacy skills
A minimum of five (5) indicators
Part 2: Use your tool to observe a child from one of the following age groups: Toddlers (2-3 years), Preschool-age (3-5 years) or Young School-age (6-8 years). Perform the following: Give the child a name.

Assess one child for a minimum of 10 minutes during a literacy or language-heavy activity and make observation notes using your original assessment tool.
Write a 1-2-page developmental goals document that includes the following:
Description of the child’s age, any developmental attributes, and the setting.
Based on the results of your observation, write three (3) achievable DAP goals for the child’s language or literacy development.
For each goal, suggest a developmentally appropriate activity which might be best suited to support that goal.
NOTE: If you are unable to observe a child in one of the age groups, choose one of the videos below to observe instead.

Infants with Teacher Call and Response

Drawing from a Photograph


Submission Requirements

Be sure to use professional language, spelling, and punctuation on all documents. Submit one zipped (compressed) file that contains the following: 3 separate documents/files

Original assessment tool – blank
Original assessment tool – complete with observation notes
Developmental goals document
For assistance with creating a zipped (compressed) file, please visit the Rasmussen FAQ: How to Zip Files.


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