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Project 1: Scenario: There is a Top Secret intelligence report that a terrorist organization based in the Middle East is planning to plant a dirty bomb in the inner harbor of major American city in the next 48 hours. The report has not been officially released or the classification reduced. You (the student) are the Chief of Police of this major metro city and do not have a security clearance at this time. The inner harbor is a major tourist attraction, a major shipping port and home to many international shipping companies, trade zones and military and federal government facilities.

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You have heard the report exists but have not seen it. As the Police Chief of (you choose the city e.g. Baltimore, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle etc) you have many questions about the report and many different agencies you will want to coordinate with. You will identify the real Homeland Security, LE and Intelligence organizations within the jurisdiction of the city you have chosen.

Requirement: Write a minimum 1000 word paper (double space, 12 Font, New Times Roman) explaining how you would deal with this yet unseen report.

What actions would you take upon hearing of this report?
What Federal, state, local or government agencies would want to contact?
What questions would you want to ask about this report?
If it were true who would you want to share it with? Can you share it? What factors (e.g. legal, operational, public safety) might impede sharing this information?

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