prepare and submit a paper on chanticleer review. Chanticleer review at the Ellen Eccles theatre Chanticleer is a twelve-male ical vocal ensemble from San Fransisco, California.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on chanticleer review. Chanticleer review at the Ellen Eccles theatre Chanticleer is a twelve-male ical vocal ensemble from San Fransisco, California. The majority of U.S citizens knows it as the ‘Orchestra of voices’ due to its innovation in combination of different musical varieties and themes. The specialists call this adventurous music. In the last three decades, the vocal band has created an outstanding reputation for its performances of Renaissance music. Nonetheless, it also performs a selection of gospel and jazz. Chanticleer consists of two basses, three tenors, six countertenors, and one baritone. It is an acapella group with no backup instruments or recorded music. In February 22, 2013, the Chanticleer performed at the Ellen Eccles Theatre in UT, Logan. This was a twenty year celebration concerning The Cache Valley Center for Arts. This paper offers an overview of their performance.

The Ellen Eccles Theatre was built in the early twentieth century. Over the years, it continues to draw loads of people from all over the U.S. its tickets are always in demand due to the variety and quality of shows it offers. An example is the Grammy-award winning Chanticleer group.

New Yorkers praise the Chanticleer as the best male chorus in the world. Its presence at the Ellen Eccles attracted thousands of fans and music enthusiasts who wanted to catch a glimpse of the famous and sensational singing of Chanticleer. Subsequently, when they came on stage, they lived up to these expectations. Their intonation was perfect with a variety of singers ranging from bass to countertenor. It was as though they were using fabrication technology to sing through. However, they proved this by staging the microphones in front of their half-circle formation. Each singer brought out the required cadence, which was smooth. No one was high, low, or out of tone. In combination, the microphones captured a pure blend of music which was incredibly soothing to the ears. In fact, this was obvious from how the audience kept quiet and was enthusiastic throughout the performance. Furthermore, backed up by the magnificent and state of the art Ellen Eccles stage, the Chanticleer displayed a swagger of style with elegant black tuxedos.

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The unique feature that Chanticleer offers are the feeling of uncertainty that they bring out in their performance. No one can predict how their performance is going to be. Hence, spectators recognize the value for their money. Apart from the pure tones, the group also offered a flawless melding of immaculate melodic layers that filled the Ellen Eccles with luminous sound. The ample and yet intimate ancient structure of the theatre ensured that every nuance of chanticleer’s sound blossomed fully. Furthermore, the chanticleer rhythmic responsiveness kept their performance from becoming too cushy. This was in regard to “The siren Call” where they explored a wide scope of material about death, sex, temptation, and love.

The rest of chanticleer performance involved repertoire ranging from contemporary pop to spirituals. There were also plenty of clarity and vigor in short performances by Elgar, Barber, and Grieg. This was enhanced by a dominant solo by the group’s bass-baritone, Axtell. These performances led to a gorgeous and colorful display of vocal literature. Hence, I think that the cache valley center was reasonable to bring such a group to town. Furthermore, I also think that the chanticleer performance proves why they are the reigning male acapella group in the globe.

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