prepare and submit a paper on critique of the opec website.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on critique of the opec website. Other countries later joined the organization, namely Qatar, Indonesia (withdraw on January 2009), Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Nigeria, Ecuador (suspended its membership from December 1992 to October 2007), Angola and Gabon. Its main headquarters transferred from Geneva, Switzerland to Vienna, Austria on September 1, 1965 (Brief history par. 1). OPEC created its website to spread its advocacy and disseminate updated information on its activities and other relevant issues and concerns. OPEC rose to power when the balance shifted from the oil companies to oil producing countries following Venezuelan policy of a 50-50 share in profits that the oil companies had to concede to and more terms they later demanded (“History” 1).

OPEC’s main webpage can be found at (OPEC n. pag.). In the body of the webpage, a title is located at the top. This contains the name of the organization. At the top of the title, a box is dynamic links that move from right to left. The links refer to various articles on OPEC, oil price, seminar, etc. In line with the title box on the right side are two levels of the navigation bar. The first level at the top contains contact, feedback, vacancies, and warning. The second level below refers to home, about us, library and news.

Below the title box at the left, placed vertically is another set of the navigation bar (side navigation) with links for search, advanced search, press room, multimedia, publications, organigram, meetings, announcements, login, links, and graphs. Set below this vertical placement is a live webcast (rich media live streaming for official meetings of the organization), followed by Monthly Oil Market Report Podcast, then the banner for World Oil Outlook, and banner for Annual Statistical Bulletin 2007.

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