prepare and submit a paper on economic of race and gender.

According to a press release released on February 24, 2010, by EEOC that appeared in the Wall street journal, a woman employee employed in Old castle SW group was awarded $498000 as damages against sex discrimination. Moreover, a three-year decree was also instituted that keeps the company from gender-based discrimination and retaliation. According to the Title VII of the civil rights act 1964, it is totally illegal to harass and discriminate employees based on their gender as well as to retaliate against any employee who complaints against it(Howard&Nassiri).

In another press release by the EEOC (Equal employment opportunity commission). a woman in Philadelphia was given a favorable verdict against sex discrimination by the employers. The employer on the receiving side was shipping giant Fed express. The woman was awarded $350000 as emotional compensation and a further $250000 as punitive damages. The employee was employed in the male-dominated tractor division where she encountered many sexual based discriminatory actions and retaliation after making complaints to the authorities. The EEOC commission found that actions at the workplace were violations of the Title VII of the civil rights act 1964(Longley).

On September 9, 2009, ABC News reported the story of a sexual discrimination case against a transgender. The transgender, named Diane Schroer was offered a job by the library of congress.

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