prepare and submit a paper on impact of research on the present and future of human services.

The discipline itself derived from the humanistic conception of the world, the perception of a human as a precious being with his/her potential, creativity, and willingness for self-actualization in society. Exactly such an approach towards the conception of the human and human’s personality gave rise to human services ideas and goals. Human Services disciplines initially involved social work, advocacy, health care, law, nursing, and education, etc., i.e. the directions focused on the quality improvement of the social life of people. In terms of aid provided for people within the framework of human services, psychology and psychological aid play a significant role as it deals with people who were mentally traumatized under the influence of various circumstances. The array of psychological counselors’ competency ranges from help aimed at coping with a loss of parents to the wider and more complicated social problems experienced by individuals in their everyday lives. Naturally, the methods and algorithms of handling and treating psychological problems do not come from anywhere. Instead, all these practices are adopted from thorough and detailed empirical studies and experiments.

There have been numerous experimental studies and researches conducted in the fields of psychology and psychological disorders. In this paper, we will make an overview of a good specimen of human services-related researches. The article’s title is A Qualitative Study of Single-Trauma and Dual-Trauma Military Couples. In the current article, the authors are focusing their attention on the impacts of combat-related trauma on the further life of the trauma survivors and their spouses and the peculiarities the experienced traumatic events precondition in family and marriage. Focusing on the trauma survivors’ couples, the authors deal particularly with the possible differences in dual trauma couples (those where both partners have gone through traumatic events) and single-trauma couples (where only one of the partners is a trauma victim).

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