prepare and submit a paper on testing software and how it is controlled.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on testing software and how it is controlled. Test control can be considered as the test management tasks needed throughout the test procedure so as to keep the testing aligned to the software development procedure, the requirements of the project, and the requirements of the firm wanting to use the software (Miller, DeCarlo & Mathur, 2004). These tasks take place as stipulated, based on the decision of the test manager, as well as other associates of the project team, and can also occur on a premeditated basis (Miller, DeCarlo & Mathur, 2004). Testing is controlled by ensuring that Software Quality Control is set up. Software Quality Control refers to a set of protocols used by companies to make sure that a software product will fulfill its quality objectives at the best value to the client, and frequently to improve the firm’s capacity to produce more software products in the future. Software quality controls are specified requirements, both functional and non-functional, such as supportability, usability and performance (Cangussu, DeCarlo & Mathur, 2002). It also refers to the capacity for software to perform effectively in unpredictable scenarios and maintain a fairly low fault rate. These premeditated procedures and requirements bring about the idea of software testing, Validation and Verification It is different from software quality assurance, which incorporates reviews of the quality management system alongside a standard. While software quality control refers to the control or management of products, software quality assurance, on the other hand, is control of processes. This function checks whether or not a software project follows its premeditated procedures and processes, and that the project brings out the anticipated internal and external products (output) (Miller, DeCarlo & Mathur, 2004).

When managing creativity with regards to software management, it is vital to differentiate two main viewpoints: activity-level (or task-level) analysis, as well as process-level analysis.

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