prepare and submit a paper on the ambassador hotel.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the ambassador hotel. Koreatown was formally recognized as Koreatown, or “K-Town,” since the 1980s by the Los Angeles government. Koreans took a stake in the area in the mid-1900s because it was cheap and generally a bad area but had the potential to be great. Koreatown holds the largest population of Koreans outside of Korea and in any other Koreatown in the United States. Koreatown is a really great place for me, as an American, to see how different ethnicities hold a part in the identity of the city and its design elements. Koreatown is a really important example of how ethnic preservation, in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of being an American and one of the most interesting design influences in the Los Angeles Area. Ethnic preservation through architecture and the progress of time comes in a partial integration of old traditions and new cultural attitudes, which embodied the story of the Ambassador Hotel.

Myron Hunt designed the Ambassador Hotel along with other iconic architectural points in Los Angeles, like the Rose Bowl Stadium and many Los Angeles based colleges. His style embodied the old-time Hollywood aesthetic which mixed a sort of classic architectural sensibility with a Spanish flair. It had wide, spacious windows, prominent columns, and whitewashed walls. At the same time, it had stucco and Spanish style tiled moldings and a rooftop. The Ambassador Hotel opened in 1921 at 3400 Wilshire Boulevard using this aesthetic. It was physically destroyed a couple of years ago. because the Los Angeles United School District bought the Hotel for development. Up until 1989, The Ambassador Hotel was used as a very high-class hotel to the stars. In the era from the late forties through the early sixties, the Ambassador&nbsp.took on an art deco flair, which meant that the shapes were fractured, and a geometry of space and shape was emphasized over the more quotidian aesthetic of Spanish style or the old-world regality of classicism.&nbsp. &nbsp.Robert Kennedy was shot there and many famous people called the Ambassador Hotel home.

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