prepare and submit a paper on the human right to adequate food: simple remedies.

. The author states that in as much as the powerful individuals care about hunger issues, it is not enough to address the issue.1 On the other hand, Kent also addresses how hunger analysts view agricultural yields in line with hunger issues facing the world, and in this case, Kent states that hunger analysts must typically focus on various interventions and agricultural yields with supplements and capsules. He goes further to illustrate how hunger analysts rarely acknowledge how anger is deeply affecting society and the fact that it remains a social issue across the globe.2 Generally, the central concept driving Kent’s ideas to write the book the fact that there are several strong communities, which never go hungry no, matter their situation.

In this case, Kent states that strong communities tend to have high standards on how they view each other in the community and their well-being. In doing this, Kent is of the idea that people should always be ready to help each other in hard situations. The author further states that it is upon human desires to go hungry and that there is no food shortage across the globe instead, the shortage only comes in terms of opportunities that human beings lack. In this case, Kent suggests feels that in most cases, people fail to care about fellow human beings and in the end lead to hunger issues across the world.3 Generally, the book stresses the need to strengthen communities through building care as a way of ending hunger.

In chapter seven of the book, George Kent focuses on various topical issues in relation to hunger management programs and issues. In this chapter, Kent generally defines nutritional safety nets and goes further to explain how the guaranteed safety nets work in poverty eradication across the globe. Additionally, Kent talks about the global nutritional safety nets issues and the role of international law when it comes to hunger management.

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