prepare and submit a paper on the privacy and surveillance in relation to the internet.

. For this reason, privacy violations and unauthorized surveillance continue to expand globally. This trend is explored in this paper using appropriate literature. It is proved that states have only part of the responsibility for the particular problem. Internet users have positively contributed to the expansion of privacy violations since they seem to refuse to follow Internet use terms, as clearly highlighted by Internet providers in all countries.

When browsing the Internet, an internet user receives various messages informing him of the website’s security level. However, this function is not equally developed in all web browsers, meaning that specific browsers cannot identify the attempts of malware to harm the computer of the Internet user (King 6). Moreover, the following phenomenon has also been observed: a browser can send a message to the user that the website he attempts to visit has problems with its digital certificate, but the user cannot understand this message, either because the message appears and disappears instantly or because the user is not aware of the role of digital certificate and cannot realize the risk involved (King 6). The research developed on this issue has revealed that many Internet users are entirely unaware of the importance of ‘Internet digital certificates’ (King 6). These users cannot understand the link between these certificates and the privacy risks when browsing the Internet (King 6).

On the other hand, privacy violations while visiting a website are quite challenging to be fully controlled. The online network is very complex, and its aspects can’t be fully explored (Khosrowpour 304). However, there is always the chance that an Internet user is informed of the violation of his privacy while visiting a website. for example, the particular Internet user can have an advanced Internet browser that stops any attempt of malware to access private data (Khosrowpour 304). If an Internet user realizes the privacy risks related to a website, he will likely avoid revisiting this website. For this reason, firms interested in securing customer loyalty emphasize the protection of their customers’ privacy. H.P. is an example of such a case, trying to show to its customers that it values their relationship the firm has introduced in its website a series of applications that increase safety of personal data during online transactions or while browsing the organizational website (Khosrowpour 304).

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