prepare and submit a term paper on Cyber Espionage Crime. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

The primary motives of cyber-terrorist groups are to destroy the US intelligence powers and in return further theirs as well as boost their prestige. Various countries across the globe had been experiencing significant challenges attributed to cyber espionage. The crime has destroyed the united state technological infrastructure whereby, exposing the government, military, and business to great risk (Bucci, Rosenzweig and Inserra, paras.1-5).

For the first time, the United State Department officials held an unprecedented meeting with officials from Beijing. The US officials had a confrontation with Chinese officials over the persistent hacking of the US firms. The US officials presented evidence to substantiate their accusation over frequent hacking of the American companies by Chinese People Liberation. However, the Chinese officials denied the claims. The US planned to apply indictments to remedy the situation which Steinberg James reported that it might not work (James, pp.31-32).

However, despite the accusation made by US Department officials over the People Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA plays a significant role not only for the wellbeing of Taiwan but also for the benefits US and other parts of the world. Among the roles played by PLA include. humanitarian assistances, keeping of the peace, defending the border and fighting terrorism to mention just but a few roles played (Andrew, David and Kamphausen, para.1-2).

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The People Liberation Army utilizes its sophisticated Computer Networks to coerce Taiwan to be part of China and at the same time to frustrate united state military efforts against cyber espionage. The PLA view uses computer Network operations and Information operation as tools for executing their military objectives (Andrew, David and Kamphausen, pp.259-286).

The Key elements of Cyber Espionage crime may be understood by answering a number of questions such as where does cyber espionage exist in the technological world.&nbsp.

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