prepare and submit a term paper on Impact of Technology: Highways. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Impact of Technology: Highways. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. A highway can generally be defined as any road that is public. It can also be described as a major road that connects any two or more points on land (Herrmann, 2010). However, various definitions have been put forward to describe this kind of technology. In England, Scotland, and Wales, the members of the public define a highway, not by its formation, length, or construction, but by the right of both access and usage. According to the English common law, it is a way or road, which members of the public can utilize, at any single point in time, without being hindered. In the Americas, on the other hand, highways are defined by built and usage. Thus, they are defined as any road that public in nature used for the purpose of travel, but more specifically, a public road that is well built and can accommodate significant volumes of traffic at any given time (Herrmann, 2010).

Road transport, other than being the most common form of transport the world over, also serves as one of the most important modes, especially in landlocked countries that do not have access to the sea. So how do highways work? Highways are simply links between people and places. They are built over and below the land surface, and sometimes over water bodies in an effort to connect one area to another. They are also linked with other small roads and pathways to form an interconnection of passages that serve to allow the free movement of persons and goods from one point to another. Highways, since ancient days, have changed not only landscapes but also people’s minds and ways of doing things. They have significantly transformed most, if not all, functions of society including the political function, the economic and social functions.&nbsp.The construction of major roads, highways, and superhighways have also brought about changes in the welfare of communities living near. Impacts, both positive and negative, on the environment have also been felt.

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