prepare and submit a term paper on Interactive Planning and Idealized Design. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Interactive Planning and Idealized Design. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Idealized redesign using the internet is the most suitable redesigning tool for the hospitality industry. The Avenue Regent hotel was completely destroyed overnight due to a massive fire and the management is now required to begin the organization’s function from the scratch. The management was not interested to continue the operations of the firm with conventional methods and wanted to fully utilize the advantages of information technology to improve performance and reduce hassles in business administrations.

Internet is considered to be the most effective interactive marketing channel in the world. Hence it is the right mode of communication to reach prospective customers and agents and substantiate business relationships. The conventional method of face to face meeting and handshake to acquire a business in the hospitality industry has now taken the shape of eCRM or electronic Customer Relationship Management which comprises high cost in terms of technology and human resources.

In fact, the implementation of eCRM is understood from different perspectives in the travel and hospitality sector but The Avenue Regent Hotel decided to take advantage of the online application of the service to enhance business opportunities and improve customer retention. The conventional method gave importance to Customer Relationship Management wherein the business executives of the hotel met customers repeatedly to ensure their relationship. With the implementation of eCRM, the relationship of the hotel with a customer or a travel agent in any part of the world can be reinstated with a simple communication which transcends geographical locations and other hindrances.

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eCRM is used by the hotel for distribution and marketing using the Internet to sell its products to customers and travel agents. This facility is provided by web technologies whereby the hotel enables travel service agents to maintain a strong, personalized, and mutually beneficial interactive relationship with customers. Constant communication improves the rate of conversions and results in efficient selling.

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