prepare and submit a term paper on Morality and Its Different Forms. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

Morality has its own way of entering one’s life and it is for the person himself to understand what is good for him or otherwise.

A lot of philosophers and thinkers of the past have had their due share of ideologies with regard to morality and its different forms. Some of the world’s top names in this field have contributed in one way or the other and the rationale that they have developed over a period of time is something to gain insight from and get enlightened all this while. These philosophers and thinkers have all brought to light the role of different cultures, ideals, and so on and so forth but the basic premise is the same – making their mark in the field of morality and contributing to the exact definition of virtue. These names include some of the more known ones like Aristotle, Aquinas, Spinoza, Hume, Kierkegaard, Sartre, James, and Nietzsche.

Justifying moral decisions has always rested on the shoulders of people who conduct different undertakings in fairness and with a sense of ease when it comes to choosing the morally right and ethically wrong. It is important that human beings understand the true meaning of morality and the manner in which their actions, behaviors, talks, and decisions pave a way for the differing after-measures. Philosophy teaches mankind that every action and behavior must be brought forward by the amalgamation of logic, reasoning, education, and understanding for each other. Thus whilst making pertinent decisions it is necessary to take care of reason more than the emotion itself as the latter could mean having decisions that are based on intent favored for a particular party or person so to speak. Thus it would be wise to state here that reason has got more weight&nbsp.when the comparison is made alongside emotions and feelings. This is because emotion could mean favoring one particular side while the other side might just lose out in a balancing act which seems to be the missing link in such a scenario

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