prepare and submit a term paper on Queer Critique is Essential to the Study of Media and Communications.

Post- structuralists, decided to interrogate those binary oppositions challenging established concepts of gender and sexuality (Harrison, 2006, 134).

Though originated in the sphere of women`s studies, now queer theory deals with gay/lesbian studies and appears where the concept of “normality” arises. And where normality is established, deviation or queerness must also be defined. It is clear that the survival of any modern society is impossible without setting of strict moral and cultural rules and consequently when one chooses non-conformity he is bound to become the object of persecution (imprisonment, bullying, loss of a job, disgrace). So queer critique tries to understand how such categories of queerness are shaped, which systems help to maintain their existence, which factors influence their development. And media in any its manifestation (Television, printed press, Internet) as the force influencing cultural and communication patterns in society defines the way queer are represented in mass consciousness (Marcus, 2005, 193). That is why it is extremely important to pay attention to queer critique as the evolution of the queer depiction in media (cultural, linguistic and political levels) allows tracing the development of the concept of tolerance in society (not only racial tolerance but queer tolerance) and helps to predict future global cultural changes. Firstly, in order to analyze how queer critique is related to the spheres of media and communications, it is necessary to define the key concepts of this research. Secondly, it is crucial to outline how queer theory regards its major notions: sex, gender, and sexuality. Thirdly, it is important to trace how the concept of queerness has evolved throughout the years and how it has been demonstrated in media. Summarizing all this it would be possible to understand why studying queer critique is essential for media and communication. Main Body. Queer Theory. Queer theory in one perspective aims to challenge socially constructed systems which define human sexuality and peculiar gender characteristics. The word “queer” in the title of the theory defines the central object of the studies which is everything that is deviant, odd, and weird for most people.

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