prepare and submit a term paper on The Effectiveness of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length.

The guiding principle towards the cessation and replacement therapy is that direct smoking of tobacco poses many harmful effects to the smoker hence the need to avoid it. This is justified by the number of tobacco-related deaths witnessed among active smokers. Through NRT, the victim no longer craves the smoke making it possible to quit smoking.

The most common forms of NRT are nicotine gums and patches, which are administered on the victim by sticking the patches to the harm or providing chewing gums with nicotine (Ferguson et al 2012). Nicotine lozenges, inhalers, and sublingual tablets are some of the other forms of NRT. However, the effectiveness of NRT has been questioned based on the cost and degree of success. Research shows that patients who use NRT are more likely to quit smoking (2.5 times) compared to circumstances where NRT is not used.

Though NRT has been recommended in most Pharmacotherapy, the side effects are central to the cause of key concern areas. More cases of relapsers, temporary lapsers and withdrawal symptoms have been reported among users of the therapy. This makes it difficult to adopt the therapy conclusively since the ultimate goal of complete cessation is unattainable.

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The appropriateness of NRT is questionable since it points to the direction that most people who are in therapy might constantly depend on nicotine and thus worsen their condition (Bhattacharya, 2004). The victims might be in need of replacement therapy more than they were doing with the smoking. It should also be noted that transdermal nicotine and nicotine gum work on reducing the anticipated withdrawal symptoms while other forms of NRT such as clonidine reduce arousal by smoking.

Key findings of such researches explain the significance of each mode. The research finds that, for effective use of transdermal nicotine, there is no need for psychological therapy.

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