prepare and submit a term paper on The WBS 2 module. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. The WBS 2 module

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The WBS 2 module. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. The WBS 2 module

Completing the WBS 2 module this semester has been a great opportunity for me to learn at various levels. The module gave me the knowledge about the importance of core standards and their application within the workplace. This was especially during the creation of the core standards application portfolio, which gave me an enhanced understanding of WBS and the process of management, knowledge, and tools (Telli, 2010: p50). The module’s contents, along with my tutor’s effective instruction methods played a vital part in the confidence I have in my ability to apply the theoretical frameworks to my future career. In addition, I believe that the WBS preparation techniques and tools, and WBS quality principles studied over the course of the module are applicable in real life situations. My experience throughout the semester in attending the module, as well as completing the portfolios, has equipped me with ideas related to WBS today. Particularly, I was not fully appreciative of the importance of quality creation in work breakdown, structure practice standards. However, I am convinced after completing the module that defining the objectives of a project and work delegation to team members are fundamental practices required for successful application of core standards within the workplace (Armstrong & Kotler, 2010: p17).

This module has also aided me in my ability to conduct research and do so independently, while the opportunity to work with my classmates on research projects has improved my teamwork skills (Picard, 2012: p9). However, there were difficulties during the report-writing stage, especially when it came to choosing the scenario that would be discussed, all the while ensuring that the report was objective. In addition, accessing relevant journals and texts was difficult, especially when multiple sources were involved. The peer assessment feedback was a big help since it enabled the group and I to identify areas, which we needed to improve on. When I had to work on my portfolios by myself, I also faced various challenges, including time management. Moreover, while some of the instructions seemed straight-forward in the beginning, I realized that my tutor meant to improve my research ability, as well as ensure that I had an adequate objectivity level as opined by Hill (2011: p41). The tutor made it clear that any arguments used would have to be supported by valid references and/or explanations, which meant that I had to correct some of my text until I presented satisfactory work. Indeed, I am confident that I satisfied my module tutor’s requirements.

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It was challenging for me work independently, especially since the research in application of work based structure was very extensive (Mitchell, 2013: p22), while, as stated, most of the sources accessed proved to be irrelevant to the portfolios. However, if I could do it again, I would seek to access my module tutor more when I came across issues that my classmates could not solve, as well. It would also be wise to attend all the module seminars and lectures where possible, of which I plan to make a personal development plan and follow it. Overall, I still feel confident that my writing skills and data collection skills improved immensely as a result of this module and the assignments given under it. Time management is crucial in managing work based structures (Arnold, 2009: p32), although I feel that was not my strongest point when completing my portfolios, and I feel that it could have interfered with my ability to study. I am personally satisfied that I did the best I could and was able to relate the module to earlier modules. I hope that I will relate future modules to this one, while also learning from my mistakes.


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