Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Students should not do H.W after school day. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

should not do HW after school day The working thesis is that schools should not give out homework after school hours. Schools should adjust specific hours for it either in the morning or in the evening for students to do the homework within the school itself (Berliner 12). This in turn would allow the students to have time for other activities that are not school related. 55.56% of the surveyed students indicated that students in elementary schools should not have homework.

The audience is excited about the topic because they feel that finally the issue has been tackled. Most of them feel that getting a lot of homework after school causes a lot of problems for them. It does not allow the students to engage in other sectors of life thus they feel the topic has come to their rescue.

The audience belief that teachers should at least make sure that students understand their homework before they give it to them. They also believe that students should use not more than thirty minutes undertaking their homework and that homework should not be allocated in the weekends. This is the time the students should conduct their own activities outside school.

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The audience behavior towards the topic is responsive and cooperative. The audience responds to all the questions given and they cooperate throughout the survey.

To convince the audience, I would use the causal reasoning. This would be reasoning where I identify the relationship that exist between a cause and the effects. I would explore the causes of giving out homework and the effects of giving out homework. From there, I would reach into a conclusion with them.

I would elicit a hopeful emotion to my audience. This would be through driving my motion home and convince our school not to dish out homework to the students. They should allocate some time in school for students to complete their homework.

Works Cited

Berliner, D. 50 myths & lies that threaten Americas public schools: The real crisis in education. New York: Teachers College Press, 2014.

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