Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook.

According to Shih (2009), “right this moment at least 150000000 people are interacting with friends facebook”(Shih, 2009, p.i). The above figure includes people from different parts of the world. Earlier it was difficult for people under autocratic regimes to get enough information about the external world. The Middle East is a region in which the majority of the states are under autocratic regimes. In the name of religion, dictators are exploiting the public very much in this region. With the introduction of the internet and the internet and Facebook-like social media, people in these countries got more aware of the depth of the problems they were facing. In many of the Middle Eastern countries, currently, public agitation is going on against their administrations. In Egypt and Libya like countries, public agitation is already succeeded in expelling their dictators from power. Face book played an important role in helping the Arab people to conduct revolutions against their leaders.&nbsp.&nbsp.

Business is one segment which was benefitted immensely because of the introduction of social networks like Facebook. Millions of people are talking about the brands and products virtually every moment and therefore business people get huge publicity for their products and brands. In fact, Facebook provides the easiest and cheapest way of advertising for organizations.

Hunt (2009) has argued that “people are on social networks to connect and build relationships. Relationships and connections over time lead to trust, which is the key to form social capital” (Hunt, 2009, p.2). It should be noted that some of the major conflicts across the world are taking place because of the lack of communication between cultures. Facebook helped people of different cultures to know more each other. Cross-cultural communication enhanced a lot as a result of Facebook like social networks. The enhancement of cross-cultural communication helped people from oppressed societies to know more about the things happening in the external world. The current revolutions taking place in the Arab world are caused by Facebook-like social networks.

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