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1] The critique must be typed and double spaced as a Microsoft Word document

2] The paper must be at least 300 words in length

3] Half of the critique should cover a summary/description of the article and half of the critique should

be your personal reaction.

4] Follow the Critique format below.


Firstname, Lastname


PSY 1513‑ Section #


Semester and Year


Kagan, J. & Snidman, N. (1991). Temperamental factors in human development. American Psychologist,

46(8), 856‑ 862.


Critique Summary


This is where you will summarize the journal article you have chosen. You may think of it as a

mini‑ book report. Describe the study and include the following if applicable:


1] What questions were addressed?

2] Who were the subjects in the sample (ages, gender, ethnicity, etc.)?

3] What was the dependent and independent variables?

4] What tests, instruments or questionnaires were used in the study?

5] List any special equipment or situations used in the study.

6] What procedures did the study follow? How was the study conducted?

7] Describe the results. What did the author discover?

8] Discuss the implications of the study.

Personal Reaction




This is where you give your reaction to and opinion of the article. For example, you may object to the

sample or procedure the researcher used and/or you might have found that the article helped you to

better understand a specific issue or problem. In this section you might also include:



1] Provide an explanation of what interested you in the article.

2] Describe what you liked or disliked about the article.

3] Describe anything you did not understand.

4] Discuss your thoughts about the results and conclusions.

5] Explain what you would do differently if it were your research project.

6] Discuss any cautions you would use about the results of the experiment.

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