Research Paper Narrated Presentation

To practice communicating techncial information verbally, students will prepare a 1-2 min presentation on their research paper . submit a narrated PPT presentation

The most effective presentations are accompanied by visuals. When a spoken message is supported with visual information (text, images), the technical content is easier to understand and will be retained longer.

Using PowerPoint, create a slide deck with speaker/presentation notes. The notes will be the presentation/video script.

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The slides should be minimal in number and style. Organization should reflect spoken message (which reflects written report). Slides should contain:

  • Minimal text  – the notes section is for detail – most slides should be fewer than 7 words/slide –  10 words/slide MAX (exceptions may apply)
  • Images, graphics, charts, (simple) tables, photos, etc.
  • Research – correctly formatted references (can be placed in notes section also)

The speaker/presentation notes (script) should:

  • contain more information than the slides
  • be written in full sentences or bulleted – not bulleted sentences!
  • reflect report organization and design – use of headings, references
  • be formatted to fit the notes section – check in notes page view
  • be used as a script


Narrated presentation*

  • Research report topic
  • Content should reflect report organization
  • 1-2 minutes MAX
  • Visuals applied to support and complement verbal message – appropriate visuals – minimal text
  • Well-organized, scripted and rehearsed (see Slides and speaker notes assignment)
  • Students should be on camera when recording
  • Effective presentation skills applied – looking directly at camera, appearance, lighting, etc.
  • Must create video using slide narration feature in PowerPoint,

*NOTE: Please do not submit narrated presentation in any format other than PowerPoint.

Please see attached for the Research paper Topic to do the narrated presentation.