research paper on benefits of family nights and strong bonding. Needs to be 7 pages.

Need an research paper on benefits of family nights and strong bonding. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. For instance, at dinnertime, families encourage discussions between children and parents. Moreover, some families opt for a game night or where parents ask their children to participate in fun tasks. Over the past fifteen years, studies have confirmed that family nights have significant impacts on the physiological, mental, and spiritual nourishment of all members of the family. In addition, family members are connected to good behaviors of children such as self-confidence, reduced rate of substance abuse, depression, and teen pregnancy.&nbsp.

One of the major benefits of the family night is the time one spends on bonding. Family bonding time is the quality time members spend together. Many people call it a wise investment because when one spends time with his or her family, he or she learns something new about the other person that helps build a strong bond. No matter the mode of frequency that one chooses such as games or a night out, quality time is spent with the family. Children appreciate every moment of it. Family night is vital because it acts as a catalyst for parenting. In most cases, children always look forward to the time they can spend with their parents. A regular schedule of events helps in building strong relationships. This not only helps in bonding but also in learning children’s challenges and talents (Catch Box, 2015).

Family nights keep children out of danger. According to the statistics given in the graph below, a trusting family relationship results in children’s improved learning and less substance abuse. Teens with little time for bonding with their parents. for instance, two or fewer family dinners per week, are likely to involve in drug abuse such as tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol&nbsp.than those with frequent family dinners. Those who have regular family nights are less likely to try these substances in the future or engage in the bad company of friends.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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